Tikigaq School Major Facility Renovation and Gymnasium Addition

Point Hope, Alaska

North Slope Borough School District

RSA Engineering provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for the Tikigaq school major facility renovation and gymnasium addition. This project was completed in four phases to allow for continued use of the school throughout construction—site work, gym addition, and two phases of major renovation. The project included design and construction administration services for the renovation of the existing 62,964 SF school, a new 1,282 SF mechanical/generator building, a 24,181 SF gymnasium addition and a new 2,430 SF maintenance building.

Mechanical scope included new central heating plant with high efficiency boiler system and connection to the powerplant waste heat system, new air handling units, new controls systems and upgrades to the existing fuel, plumbing, sprinkler, heating and ventilation systems throughout the school. The project included a renovation of the pool to include new pool heat exchanger, ventilation and dehumidification systems. Electrical scope included new power distribution, lighting, telecom, fire alarm, intercom, access control, and video surveillance systems for the addition.