Odom Corporation Distribution Center

Anchorage, Alaska

RSA provided mechanical and electrical design and construction phase services for a new 239,000 SF warehouse/office facility in Anchorage, AK for the Odom Corporation. The facility included a 213,000 SF warehouse with 3-level pick module conveyor system and 10,200 SF of cold storage. The warehouse provides beverage storage for distribution in Southcentral Alaska. The 25,615 SF office area includes administrative offices for Odom corporate employees and includes conferences rooms and catering kitchen to host special events.

Electrical services included a 3,000A, 480V, 3-phase electrical service with a natural gas-fired backup generator, power distribution throughout the warehouse and office areas, electric vehicle charging stations, headbolt heaters and refer van plug-ins on site. Lighting design included high bay LED fixtures with on-board occupancy sensors in the warehouse and linear pendant LEDs in the office area with a networked lighting control system with daylight, occupancy sensor and dimming controls throughout. Low voltage/special system design included a Category 6 telecommunication system in the office and warehouse areas, proximity card access system on all exterior doors and select interior doors, a comprehensive CCTV camera system throughout the warehouse, site and office areas, AV pathway design for conference rooms, addressable fire alarm system and CATV system design.

The mechanical system included a 12″ diameter water main to accommodate the facility fire sprinkler demand. An NFPA-13 fire sprinkler protection system was powered by a 2,000 GPM, 125 HP fire pump that served seven fire sprinkler risers throughout the building. The plumbing system utilized low-flow plumbing fixtures with infrared activation, sinks for a catering kitchen, service sinks for handling stored product, multiple emergency shower/eyewash stations, hose bibbs with backflow prevention, among other fixtures. Hot water was provided using an indirect water heater for the warehouse area and a high efficiency condensing gas water heater for the office area. The warehouse HVAC equipment included two 60,000 cfm natural gas-fired air rotation units, with VFD fan control, to provide ventilation and heating for the entire warehouse, with roof mounted VFD relief fans to maintain building pressure. Support areas adjacent to the warehouse were heated and ventilated with gas fired make up air units, including a forklift charging room that utilized a hydrogen detection system to alarm and automatically increase ventilation in that space if hydrogen was present. An interior space used for side-loading trucks and vans utilized a gas-fired radiant ceiling heater, and a carbon monoxide/nitrogen-dioxide detection system served to increase ventilation upon detection of those gases. A 40-ton condensing unit and evaporation coils were installed to serve an indoor cooler. The office area HVAC consisted of two gas-fired VAV roof top units serving a ventilation system with VAV-boxes and fan coil units that tempered supply air with hydronic heating coils. Perimeter spaces were provided with hydronic fintube baseboard and entrances to the building utilized cabinet unit heaters. The heating plant was a high-efficiency condensing boiler and heating fluid was circulated using VFD pumps. All hydronic heating equipment was sized for low temperature (140F-110F) heating fluid to allow the boiler to run the boiler in condensing mode. Radiant sidewalk snowmelt systems were installed at the three entrances to the office occupancy and automatically controlled. A direct digital control (DDC) system operated all HVAC equipment in the building.

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