RSA has been working closely with the facility owner and design team to provide mechanical and electrical engineering and construction administration services for this new 20,000 SF spa facility, which is the first of its kind in Alaska. Features include hot and cold pools; waterfalls; barrel saunas; steam and dry saunas; relaxation rooms and patios; an exfoliation room; refreshment stations; dining areas; and additional spa amenities. This is a stunning facility nestled at the base of Mt. Alyeska with proximity to the Alyeska Hotel. Many features are strategically angled to yield optimal views of Penguin Ridge and other prominent peaks.

Design challenges included blending mechanical and electrical systems into the landscaping, architectural and interior design concepts to maintain the natural aesthetic of the building and site. Systems were designed to be serviced from utility spaces or located in areas not visible to clients.

RSA’s mechanical design included fire sprinkler, plumbing, and HVAC systems for the main and accessory buildings. The main building heating system was designed to provide heating for the hot pools and the snowmelt systems throughout the property. The heating system utilized high efficiency condensing boilers operating at low temperatures with variable speed pumps circulating to in-floor radiant heating in the main building and heat exchangers for pools, snowmelt system and air handling units. The ventilation system design included variable air volume air handling units and variable air volume terminal units for temperature control. The plumbing system design included a water circulation system to circulated domestic water to the steam generators and showers in the steam and exfoliation buildings.

Electrical design included power, lighting, and telecommunications for the site, main building, and the accessory buildings. The site power distribution system expands off of the Alyeska Resort’s existing 25kV medium voltage primary distribution system, then is stepped down to 480V at the main building and distributed underground from there to each accessory building.  The facility lighting system utilizes energy efficient LED fixtures with various levels of dimming and occupancy control throughout each building. The exterior site and pool area lighting is unique at the Nordic spa as the bollard fixtures were selected to blend into the surrounding landscape and provide safe levels of pedestrian lighting throughout the facility. RSA worked closely with the Resort and the Municipality of Anchorage to ensure adequate lighting for the pool deck areas while maintaining low-level ambiance lighting expected in a relaxing spa atmosphere.