Cook Inlet Housing Authority Elizabeth Place Design

RSA provided mechanical and electrical design services for this project, which includes apartments and retail space in downtown Anchorage. The four-story building offers 16 studio apartments, 30 one-bedroom apartments, and 4 two-bedroom apartments.

The mechanical design included individual high-efficiency gas furnaces for each apartment as well as a central ventilation system of dedicated outside air and exhaust with heat recovery. Domestic hot water is produced by a central high-efficiency gas water heating system.

Electrical scope of work included the design of the interior and exterior lighting, normal power, telecommunication, internet protocol (IP) camera surveillance, door access, addressable fire alarm and smoke detection, telephone/cable television, tenant intercom, area of refuge, and solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems. The design includes high efficiency LED lighting and a Class B solar PV system. The solar PV panels located on the roof capture solar energy that will be used to power the building heating/ventilation, exterior lighting and general lighting and power in the corridor, lobby, mechanical, and electrical rooms.

Energy savings are anticipated to provide 5% of the total building energy use.

  • Categories: Residential, Retail
  • Client: kpb architects
  • Photograph Credit: © Ken Graham
  • Owner: Cook Inlet Housing Authority