The RSA mechanical team delivers sound mechanical system design of the highest quality, with over two decades of experience and a commitment to staying on the leading edge of available technology.

For over 36 years, architects and owners have counted on RSA Engineering to design efficient, cost-effective solutions for even the most complex plumbing systems. RSA understands that plumbing engineering design services are crucial for the health of a building and it is imperative to provide design solutions to ensure buildings are provided with clean, fresh water while gray water is moved out of the building in a safe manner.

Our engineers work on both plumbing and HVAC systems and design with the entire mechanical system in mind.

RSA has extensive arctic design experience around the state, including work on virtually all the power plants in the North Slope Borough. That arctic experience, and the ability to prevent cold and snow-related problems, has proven invaluable for urban projects.

With LEED-certified engineers on staff and a team approach to problem solving, RSA is rapidly becoming a leader in green building design as well. Our work on the Eielson Visitor Center in Denali National Park, including dual flush toilets and waterless urinals, will significantly reduce water usage and help meet the facility's overall efficiency goals.

We also help clients take advantage of infrared fixtures for hands-free operation of faucets, toilets, and urinals. RSA works on projects large and small, and always designs for the possibility of remodeling or expansions in the future.

RSA Features:
  • Efficient, cost-effective solutions
  • Experience with latest infrared fixtures
  • LEED-certified engineers
  • Energy efficient plumbing design for green buildings
  • Extensive Arctic design experience

RSA Engineering is a leader in HVAC design, including special expertise in full high-efficiency buildings. We design to ASHRAE* standards and take advantage of the latest developments in HVAC whenever appropriate and cost-effective.

With today's reliable condensing and high efficiency systems, RSA can achieve full condensing with efficiencies of up to 90% which enables us to design more cost-effective radiant flooring for our clients. RSA is also one of the first to design with under floor air distribution (UFAD) in Alaska.

In addition, RSA brings the most energy efficient methods of building control to keep energy usage to a minimum. With former control contractors on staff, RSA knows the level of detail it takes to implement these designs - and we work together with contractors to optimize system efficiency.

RSA Features:
  • ASHRAE-member engineers
  • Leading edge HVAC design
  • High efficiency design expertise
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Building control expertise

*The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is dedicated to providing safe, healthy and comfortable indoor environments while limiting their impact on the earth's natural resources.

At RSA Engineering, we pride ourselves in specifying the most effective fire protection systems that meet the owner's needs and properly addresses fire hazards specific to each building.

We take fire protection very seriously, on every project. RSA's staff has extensive experience in designing fire protection systems and can offer important information when evaluating system options. Our engineers have specialized training and keep current with all the codes and the latest fire protection systems, including all the various sprinkler types and suppression agents.

RSA Features:
  • Effective fire protection systems
  • Highly trained on fire protection systems

RSA Engineering has more experience in waste heat recovery than perhaps any other company in Alaska, including extensive work on power plants throughout the North Slope Borough.

In remote locations, we typically design simple systems that can be operated by local personnel. In some cases, like the McMurdo Station power plant in Antarctica, our systems recover both jacket water and exhaust gas heat for tremendous amounts of heat - and equally tremendous cost-savings - for the entire facility. On the North Slope, RSA has developed WHR systems that have achieved tremendous savings for schools and other buildings in close proximity to our power plants.

RSA also takes full advantage of today's leading technologies, such as pumps with variable frequency drives (VFDs) for maximum heat recovery and efficient heat distribution.

RSA Features:
  • Cutting edge equipment such as VFDs
  • Ability to recover both jacket water and exhaust gas heat
  • Extensive power plant experience
  • Remote location expertise - including easy-to-operate systems

RSA Engineering knows snowmelt like no other company. We keep current with the latest design developments and we know how to get projects done on-budget and on time.

Our experience in snowmelt systems includes large area projects like South Anchorage High School and Begich Middle School (both featuring nearly 20,000 sq. ft. of snowmelt).

RSA clients can take advantage of the latest developments in snowmelt design, including programmable controls for quick, heat-efficient melting, heat exchangers to protect surrounding buildings, and of course oxygen barriers and other precautions, virtually eliminating all corrosion problems.

RSA Features:
  • Ability to handle large projects
  • Latest snowmelt technologies
  • Efficient designs

RSA Engineering has the expertise to deliver energy budget analyses at any level, from basic rule-of-thumb and simple spread sheet overviews to the most advanced, cutting-edge models that account for the building design's energy use during every hour of the entire year - all 8,760 of them.

In addition to offering clients this invaluable tool, we bring the appropriate level of analysis to bear, so owners won't spend extra money for an extensive analysis they don't need.

RSA Features:
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Expertise
  • Variety of analysis levels to ensure cost effectiveness