We pride ourselves on providing innovative, economical design solutions on projects of all sizes. RSA offers up-to-date working knowledge of all the latest technologies, backed by over 30 years experience and specialized expertise - including an on-staff RCDD and many other specialists.

RSA Engineering features an award-winning lighting team, many of whom are active members of IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) and are Lighting Certified (LC).

We pride ourselves in sustainable lighting design - including smart, reliable, energy efficient systems to combat high energy prices - and our ability to rise to any lighting challenge.

We have both the expertise and the technology, such as state-of-the-art 3D modeling, to solve even the most complex lighting challenges quickly and efficiently.

RSA Features:

  • International award-winning design
  • Smart, reliable, energy efficient solutions
  • Sustainable lighting design
  • Experienced designers and engineers.
  • Active members, IES (Illuminating Engineering Society)
  • 3D modeling software

From medium voltage distribution to low voltage switchgear, RSA provides efficient, ample power solutions for projects large and small.

RSA Engineering brings expertise and experience to every project. Our electrical engineering staff include former journeyman electricians to help provide straightforward common sense designs for distribution and installation. We also have extensive experience in many rural Alaska villages and throughout the state, from Ketchikan to King Cove to Barrow.

RSA Features:

  • Expertise of former journeyman electricians on staff
  • Straightforward, common sense designs
  • Extensive rural village power plant experience
  • Medium voltage distribution design experience throughout Alaska
  • Advanced analysis tools

With an on-staff RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) and over 30 years experience, RSA Engineering offers telecommunications design of the highest quality for any size project.

Every system is designed to meet the client's specific needs, take advantage of leading edge technologies, and - above all - be reliable.

RSA has extensive experience in this field, including writing the master telecom specifications for many facilities and government agencies such as the Anchorage School District. RSA has the ability to handle the even most complex challenges and welcomes projects of all sizes. We have designed systems using both copper and fiber distribution for all types of applications, from the smallest commercial building to the statewide fiber WAN for the Alaska Department of Corrections.

RSA Features:

  • Smart, reliable solutions
  • Experienced telecom experts
  • On-staff RCDD
  • Customized designs for local area, wide area, wireless and multi-faceted networks

RSA Engineering does more security system design than any other firm in the state, including extensive work for the Anchorage School District and the Alaska Department of Corrections.

We've worked in every correctional and juvenile detention facility in Alaska, covering all aspects of correctional security from detention door hardware to touch screen control systems to close-circuit TV, detention intercom systems and more.

RSA is also a leader in general security system design, including access control and perimeter security systems for the Anchorage School District and others. We stay current in all the latest technologies, from RFID and proximity technology to biometrics, so we can put these tools to work for clients whenever it's appropriate and cost-effective.

RSA Features:

  • RSA is a leader in security system design throughout Alaska
  • Ability to design to latest advancements in the industry
  • Comprehensive designs in both general and correctional security
  • Precise, reliable solutions

RSA Engineering designs fire alarm systems of the highest quality and reliability. We're familiar with all the different types of fire alarm technologies available today and we design systems to meet the client's specific needs and budget, as well as all applicable codes.

RSA works with clients large and small, on projects ranging from simple to highly complex. Whether it's protecting one critical telecommunications room with a FM200 system, or an entire building complex with air sampling detectors, voice evacuation systems and the works, RSA Engineering will create the solution that best fits the specific project needs - backed by over 30 years experience.

RSA Features:

  • Familiarity with the latest technologies
  • Ability to handle projects large and small, simple and complex
  • Creative solutions for unique applications
  • Team of trained fire alarm system designers

RSA Engineering excels in the highly technical, detail-oriented field of Audio/Visual System design. Armed with a thorough understanding of sound dynamics and the complexities of component interactions, the RSA Engineering A/V team designs reliable, flexible systems that work together to produce the desired effect. We pride ourselves in working with our clients to develop an A/V system that not only meets their needs, but their budget as well.

RSA Features:

  • Efficient A/V design
  • Experienced A/V designers
  • Ability to handle projects of all sizes and complexities