RSA Management

In January 2019 the company’s Board of Directors elected Roger L. Weese as the new President of RSA. Roger brings more than 21 years of experience at the company, along with proven leadership capabilities and a vision and strategy that will ensure RSA’s success for many coming years.

Channing P. Lillo has been promoted to Vice President and Principal Electrical Engineer. Channing has been with the company for 23 years and will be responsible for management of RSA’s Electrical department. Mark R. Frischkorn will remain as Vice President and Principal Mechanical Engineer, and will continue to lead the Mechanical department.

In June of 2021 RSA added a fourth member to its management team. Brian Pekar, PE was promoted to principal and Vice President of Mechanical. He brings nearly a decade and half of experience leading and designing mechanical projects. He will primarily focus on managing the mechanical department while Mark takes on more business development responsibilities.